The Bell Tower Apartment


Eating Out in Bansko


There are a large number of very attractive Mehana, all actively competing for your business. You will be hailed on Pirin Street as you walk through town by various proprietors, all keen for you to sample their menus. The offerings are all very similar, listing delicious and exotic local dishes with a very high standard of food in all the restaurants.


Don’t be put off by the activity on the street trying to attract your trade. We have eaten at a selection of the Mehana and have found them all to be kind, friendly, and very helpful once you deal with the hustling.


The further from town that you eat the cheaper the meal becomes. You dont even need a car, just your feet. There is a small Mehana on a lake just outside town, perhaps 15 minutes walk from Bansko Royal Towers where they will make you very welcome and light the fire just for you.  The cold beer is stacked in a tree trunk where the running cold water from the mountain stream creates a natural fridge.





There is another Mehana high in the mountains among the ski runs accessible by car in the summer where the food is wonderful though the translations can sometimes be a bit daunting. Do not be put off by the strange descriptions. Milky worm salad turned out to be a tasty concoction of cottage cheese and bean sprouts! 

Sitting at the road side at the high Mountain Mehana with yummy salad and cheesy chips, just a little snack to keep the wolves away!


Even getting the bill is an interesting experience in this quaint and picturesque little town.

There is another Mehana on Bansko Square with a tree inside the restaurant. The prices are slightly higher reflecting the location but the portions are not small! Just as well in this case.